Solar Charger Set

Codice: TA75024
Prezzo: €63.40

Tamiya - Solar Charger Set.

Powered by the Sun!
As long as there is light from the sun, we are able to create clean energy. This Solar Charger Set features a charge station, 2.0V-125mA solar panel, and a motorized car which allows you to experience first hand "green energy". The generated electricity is stored in the car's capacitor, which goes on to run the car. In addition, the car has a steering mechanism that allows it to drive in circles. Inside the car, the capacitor and power cords are pre-assembled and with no glue required, makes assembly a breeze.

Solar Panel
The 2.0V-125mA Solar Panel features a ball mount which allows it to be adjusted to catch the most sunlight possible.

This connector on the charge station allows secure attachment/detachment of the motorized car.

The included cart can pull a load up to approxiamately 130g (Similar weight of a R20/D/UM1 battery).

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Solar Charger Set tamiya TA75024
Solar Charger Set tamiya TA75024Solar Charger Set tamiya TA75024Solar Charger Set tamiya TA75024Solar Charger Set tamiya TA75024
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