BMW i8 1:24

Codice: REV07670
Prezzo: €38.50

Revell 1:24 - BMW i8.

Kit statico in scatola di montaggio.

Top model: BMW i8 - now in the re?_age with new tyres!
The new BMW i8 sports car model kit is a real joy to build! This model car makes every hobbyist's heart beat faster! The model building fan's fingers tingle just at the sight of the box. The revolutionary hybrid sports car with the characteristic butterfly doors is a real highlight for your collector's showcase. Before your futuristic plug-in hybrid rolls to pole position in all its glory, you can get active yourself!

With the BMW i8, tinkering fun is guaranteed!
The high-quality 1:24 scale model kit has it all! From the authentic individual parts of the multi-part body, your very own hybrid sports car is created with heart and soul and loving detail work.

In the original, the stylish roadster can reach 250 km/h. How does it do that? How does it do that A 131 hp electric motor provides plenty of power at the front axle. At the rear, a 3-cylinder engine with 231 hp gets the sports car going. When assembling the detailed engines, you become a car engineer yourself.

A model kit with all the trimmings
To make your new model car unique, this kit includes plenty of customisation options. With decals featuring international registration plates, you can create your very own dream car!

The model set contains:
- Pictured multilingual building instructions
- Multi-piece body
- Rotatable wheels
- Decals with international registration plates (D, A, NL, F, B, CH, GB, I, RUS)

Caratteristiche tecniche del prodotto:
  •  Scala: 1:24
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BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670
BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670BMW i8 1:24 revell REV07670
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