Transport Bag 1:8

Codice: R14001
Prezzo: €219.90

Robitronic - Transport Bag 1:8.

Specially designed for 1/8 offroad vehicles, Robitronic proudly presents its new transport bag for your rc gear!

Manufactured from a combination of high quality materials, Robitronics new 1/8 bag becomes the perfect storage for an 1/8th scale buggy, truggy or even an onroader together with accessories like tyres, tools, setup-gauges and a starter box.

Practical lugs on the opposite sides allow for easy handling of Robitronics new transport bag - especially when the bag is stored in the trunk of your car.

The transport bags five trays are made form though plastic and its coating is especially easy to clean. The outside features handy pockets for manuals, setup-tools, accessories and many other things youll want to have quick access to.

An impressive amount of 20(!) elastic straps securely hold your tools and put your screwdrivers and socket wrenches straight. Behind this tool-tray, theres a generous box (dimensions 500x55x90mm) for additional items.With this transport box, wrenching is (even more) fun - because with our race and pit-stop proven design, youll always have the right tools at your hands! Get your gear together in a single, convenient and stylish package - with Robitronics new transport bag!

Caratteristiche tecniche del prodotto:
  •  Dimensioni: 550x580x360 mm
  •  Cassetto principale: 490x195x350 mm
  •  Cassetti aggiuntivi: 235x120x350 mm
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Transport Bag 1:8 robitronic R14001
Transport Bag 1:8 robitronic R14001Transport Bag 1:8 robitronic R14001Transport Bag 1:8 robitronic R14001
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