Personaggi XL Set "In montagna" H0

Codice: NH16140
Prezzo: €49.90

Noch - Personaggi XL Set "In montagna" H0.

The mountain is calling!

Die The extremely popular Figures XL Sets are finally available again. The practical sets each contain at least 18 elaborately handpainted individual figures, matching a theme. You can choose from eight interesting themes with all the important model railway topics are included.

What would a rock be without a climber trying to climb it? Now easily turn your mountain and rock landscape into a lively scene! Whether you want to show a leisurely hiking tour with the family or a dangerous rock hike, with this XL set of figures you can climb any model building height.

Worth mentioning: Worth mentioning: the XL Sets are packaged in an environmentally friendly way. The new sustainable figures packaging consists of 100% card and can therefore be disposed of without any problems.

Caratteristiche tecniche del prodotto:
  •  Quantita': 18 personaggi
  •  Scala: H0
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Personaggi XL Set
Personaggi XL Set
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