Automodello PTG-2R 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 1:10

Codice: LC1008 | Combo
Prezzo: €269.00

LC Racing - Automodello PTG-2R 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 1:10.

Build Your Own Adventure: Get the LC Racing PTG-2R Kit!

Imagine being able to assemble your own RC car from the ground up ? selecting and mounting each part with care to create a unique, high-performance vehicle. With our RC Car Kit, this dream becomes a reality!

Experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with building your own RC car. Every step, from assembling the chassis to fine-tuning the engine, gives you a deep understanding of the technology and mechanics behind these fascinating vehicles.

Unleash your passion for speed and adventure with this high-quality RC Rally Car! Experience ultimate driving fun with the RC Rally Car! Dive into the world of remote-controlled vehicles with this state-of-the-art RC Rally Car. This powerful model is perfect for rally enthusiasts, offering impressive speed, precision, and durability. Whether on the road, off-road, or on specialized rally tracks, this RC car excels at every challenge.

- Rally tires developed by LC Racing
- Oil-filled threaded shock absorbers
- Front and rear 3mm carbon fiber shock towers (NEW)
- Front and rear oil-filled competition differentials with metal gears
- Aluminum central drive shaft
- Steel hinge pins
- 2.0 mm anodized aluminum chassis with front and rear kick-up and side guards
- 12mm hex wheel hubs
- Adjustable spring steel arm mounts
- Anodized, adjustable 7075-T6 aluminum motor mount (NEW)
- Clear polycarbonate inner chassis cover for dirt protection
- Front foam bumper
- Easy access covers for motor and main gear
- Front and rear rebuildable CVA drive shafts
- Removable ESC mount
- Front and rear mudguards and flaps (NEW)
- Main gear (24T 48P)
- Floating servo mount (NEW)
- Alloy steel screws grade 12.9 (NEW)

Key Features:
- 4WD Drive: The all-wheel-drive system ensures maximum traction and control, no matter the terrain. Perfect for off-road adventures and challenging tracks.
- Robust Design: The sturdy aluminum frame and oil-filled shock absorbers ensure maximum durability and longevity, even in the toughest environments.

Why the PTG-2R Rally? The PTG-2 RC Rally Car is ideal for hobbyists and professionals seeking a reliable and high-performance vehicle. Whether you?re racing or just having fun, this model meets all your expectations. This rally car is delivered as a kit version, without electronics.

Technical Specifications:
- Scale: 1:10
- Drive: All-wheel (4WD)
- Length: 370mm
- Width: 185mm
- Wheelbase: 257-262mm
- Chassis: 2.0mm anodized aluminum
- Gear Ratio: 2.5:1
- **Fully ball-bearing equipped

Package Contents:
- RC Model Car Rally
- User Manual

Additional Required Items:
- 540 Electric Motor and ESC
- Battery and charger
- Remote control and receiver
- Servo
- Rally body shell

Order today and experience the ultimate rally action with this RC model car!

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Automodello PTG-2R 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 1:10 robitronic LC1008
Automodello PTG-2R 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 1:10 robitronic LC1008Automodello PTG-2R 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 1:10 robitronic LC1008Automodello PTG-2R 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 1:10 robitronic LC1008Automodello PTG-2R 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 1:10 robitronic LC1008Automodello PTG-2R 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 1:10 robitronic LC1008
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