Aeromodello Vibe Blue

Codice: KAV028028
Prezzo: €159.90

Kavan - Aeromodello Vibe Blue.

A builder's kit of 3D aerobatic biplane park-flyer (1080 mm wingspan) made of virtually unbreakable thoroughly carbon-reinforced EPP foam for 350?500W brushless motors. Symmetrical wing section, flat, large area fuselage for great 3D/knife-edge handling. Aileron, elevator and rudder control.

Vibe is a high performance 3D aerobatic biplane park-flyer made of virtually unbreakable EPP foam for 350-500 W brushless motors. A couple of hours with a bottle of cyano are all you need to finish this model capable of classic pattern aerobatics as well as all 3D stunts! Vibe is not just for skilled pilots; on small rates she could be flown by any Sunday flyer who already knows how to do a loop, stall turn and roll. And if something (or your fingers on sticks) goes wrong, thanks to the low all-up weight there usually is not much damage - and even if so, the EPP foam is so easy to repair!

The all-in-one wing EPP foam wing with symmetrical wing section is reinforced with a pair of carbon spars; the pre-cut bays are ready for your servos in the lower wing, indeed. The plywood reinforced cabane strut is an integral part of the fuselage; the wing struts are of carbon reinforced EPP. The horizontal part of the fuselage is thoroughly reinforced by a web of carbon spars; the large area vertical part of the fuselage makes the knife edge easy. The plywood firewall is anchored to the foam fuselage with carbon spars as well; the pre-cut bays are ready to accommodate the elevator a rudder servos. The empennage is also made of the carbon reinforced EPP foam. The control surface linkage is made of 3D printed horns, plastic clevises and short carbon or steel push rods. The carbon main undercarriage with lightweight foam wheels and EPP pants is secured by 2 bolts to a fibreglass plate and holders. The steerable tail wheel assembly consists of 3D printed bracket and lightweight foam wheel.

You will need at least a four channel RC set; a computer radio featuring dual and exponential rates is strongly recommended.

Vibe of a Sunday flyer would work nicely with analog micro servos with metal gears like Kavan GO-13MG, Hitec HS-65MG etc. If you are serious about aerobatics even a little bit, you should go for high speed - torque digital servos like Kavan GO-1013MG, Hitec HS-5065MG or similar.

We recommend Kavan Pro 3536-1000, Model Motors AXI 2814/16 V2 or similar brushless motors with the APC 11x4.7SF propeller if 3S LiPo battery was used or the APC 10x4.7SF with 4S LiPo.

At least 40A speed controller featuring a powerful switching BEC should be used - especially when high speed - torque digital servos are installed - like the Kavan Pro-40SB or Kavan R-50SB Plus.

You can use 3S or 4S LiPo 1300-1800 mAh flight pack, at least 40C.

Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The kit contents: printed parts of fuselage, wings, tail and wheel pants cut of EPP foam, plywood firewall, carbon spars, 3D printed plastic parts, horns, clevises, push rods and other small accessories, carbon undercarriage with light foam wheels, illustrated step-by-step instruction manual.

Caratteristiche tecniche del prodotto:
  •  Apertura alare: 1080 mm
  •  Lunghezza: 1030 mm
  •  Peso: 750 - 800 g
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Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028
Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028Aeromodello Vibe Blue kavan KAV028028
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